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Head Instructor

Former high school and collegiate wrestler.

Begun taking Judo at 25 years old.

Attained life-long goal of placing at US Nationals as an elite athlete at 44 years old (senior nationals and nationals fall classic).

Placed in the US Open.

Former National Armed Forces Judo Champion.

Level 2 Army Combatives Instructor.

Retired from the Army as a Lt. Colonel, served 32 years.

Currently 8th degree black belt in Katamedo, 3rd degree Taiho Jitsu, 5th degree through US Judo Association.

WWMAA Law Enforcement Committee Member.

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Assistant Instructor

Placed at Judo Freestyle Nationals 2019, 2021.
Placed in combat wrestling, US Combat Wrestling Organization 2018, 2019.
Former US Army Combatives Instructor, Army Infantry, OIF 2004 - 2005.
Currently 4th degree black belt in Katamedo, 3rd degree Judo black belt under WWMAA.

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Eric Williams

Assistant Instructor

2nd Dan: Judo

2nd Dan: Taekwondo

1st Dan: Katamedo

Army National Guard: 2010 - 2018

Active Duty Police Officer

WWMAA Law Enforcement Committee Member

1st place medal, three 2nd place, five 3rd place and ranked on worldwide championship - Black Belt Academy 2012 - 2014, Combat Weapons and Sparring

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